How to build a refrigerator inside?
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Largest item in the kitchen is, of course, the refrigerator. Despite the fact that modern models are usually quite beautiful in appearance, this bulky household appliance often spoils the design of the room, and also takes up a lot of space. Therefore, recently, despite the rather high cost, built-in versions of such household appliances have become increasingly popular.
Main advantages
Advantages of built-in refrigerators, in addition to saving space in the kitchen, are: Greater efficiency compared to conventional models. The thermal insulation of such refrigerators is usually much better. Less noise level. Large capacity with a relatively small size. "Full" models The owner of large kitchens should build a refrigerator of this type in particular. "One-piece" models in use are considered the most convenient. Structurally, they are similar to traditional, autonomous. That is, the refrigerator and freezer compartment are located one above the other. In very large kitchens, two such refrigerators are often built into the headset at once. The result is a large one with two doors.
Like conventional two-chamber upright refrigerators
They can be equipped in different ways. On sale, there are simple versions of such equipment, and very expensive versions, with a large number of functions. One of the varieties of "solid" units are small models. You can build a refrigerator of small dimensions, even under the counter. Therefore, this type is well suited for a small kitchen. The safety of using such equipment is ensured by a special ventilation grill. Modular models.
This refrigerator
Is more suitable for a small kitchen or a room with an original design. In this case, the freezer can be located both above the main one, and to the right or left of it. Also, in addition to such models, various types of boxes, other things and wine boxes are often produced. Main design features The design of built-in refrigerators of any model is quite simple. And this is quite understandable.
Indeed, in any case, the body of the unit after installation will be hidden by the decorative panels of the headset. Manufacturers of such household appliances give the main preference to improving their performance. The appearance of built-in refrigerators can be called more technogenic than domestic. Built-in models do not have a metal case. Instead, special loops are provided, on which the decorative panels are hung after installation.
Another feature of built-in refrigerators
Is the unusual design of the door. The design of the kitchen in modern apartments can be very different. And therefore you cannot say in advance which way it will be more convenient to open the refrigerator. The doors in the built-in models are mobile. That is, you can open the unit in any direction. This allows you to build a refrigerator in the desired place in the kitchen.
Installation features - there is no general scheme for placing and fixing built-in refrigerators. For each specific model, the manufacturer attaches instructions in which the installation procedure is signed in detail. If the location is wrong, equipment malfunction and even rapid breakdown are possible. Therefore, the installation of built-in refrigerators is usually entrusted to specialists. Doing this on your own is highly discouraged.
Ways to fasten the door To build the refrigerator correctly, this, among other things, also means securely fixing its doors to the front of the headset. Fixation can be carried out: With the help of special hinges. In this case, the refrigerator door and the facade are as tight as possible and represent a single monolithic structure. Both doors can be opened very wide, up to 115 degrees. Through skates. The refrigerator door in this design moves along horizontal guides.
Disadvantage of this solution
Is the difficulty in caring for the cabinet. A lot of dirt accumulates between the furniture door and the facade with this fixing. You can open the refrigerator installed according to this method only 90 degrees.
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